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Welcome to Skyland Auto Group

Set along the edge of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, our city of Asheville, North Carolina, is blessed with some of the most beautiful resorts and driving country in the nation. Maybe that’s why we’ve been selling new and used vehicles since 1936. Come see us at Skyland Auto Group, a family-owned business that’s survived for 80 years and counting.

A Reputation That Stretches Back Decades

Buying a car isn’t like stopping by the grocery store for something that’ll be gone in under a week. In fact, few things represent the kind of commitment that comes with buying a new or previously-owned vehicle. Not only will you be driving the same car years from now, your vehicle is also a significant investment whose value comes from the way you use and enjoy it, as well as the cash you’ll get back once it’s finally time to trade up.

As a dealership that’s been in the same city and the same family for generations, Skyland Auto Group is more aware than most car sellers that a vehicle purchase isn’t over after you’ve signed all the paperwork. There are loan payments, service and maintenance visits, and of course, there’s the matter of buying another vehicle once you’re finished with the old one.

We want you to come back to our lot whenever you need to service or replace your vehicle. That’s why we always put honesty and customer satisfaction first. After all, a dishonest deal may get us more money in the short term, but we’ll lose a valuable customer in the long term. So if you ever need a vehicle in the mountain country of western North Carolina, be sure to check out the Skyland Auto Group.

All the Cars You Want Under One Roof

The Skyland Auto Group sells a wide range of vehicles, including some of the best that Germany, Japan, and Detroit have to offer. Our new car offerings include Mazda, Mitsubishi, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and Mercedes-Benz, and the used cars that find their way to our lot come from just about everywhere.

No matter which make of car you’re looking for, you’ll find them all at the same convenient location on Smokey Park Highway, along the west side of Asheville. You’ll also find an Allstate Insurance branch on our premises, which means we can make it easier and faster to get your new vehicle properly covered. At the same time, our staff won’t pressure you into going with Allstate, and you’re free to go with whatever auto insurance company you prefer.

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